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Season: September - December
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Hunts take place in Southeast Alaska in one of the most game rich areas of the state. Its magnificent spruce forests, glacier fed fiords, crystal lakes, fresh water streams that boast Salmon runs numbering in the thousands with wide beaches giving way to the Gulf of Alaska.

Spring hunts are conducted by glassing the mountains and beaches for bears as they emerge from hibernation, this takes place in April and May. This is also the best time to hunt Glacier Bear, a rare blue color phase of the Black Bear found only in Alaska.

Fall hunts take place in late September and October. These hunts are timed with Salmon runs so as to offer a congregating bear population feeding on the spawning Salmon. You can expect to encounter Brown Bears with hides that will square 8-10 feet.

This area is also home to a large population of Mountain Goat, with light hunting pressure and excellent trophy potential.